Auto Bulletins v3
AutoBulletins.Com v3
A product designed for the professional technician diagnosing vehicle problems



What is AutoBulletins.Com for?
Using AutoBulletins.Com you have the ability to look-up Original Equipment Service (OEM) bulletins for your car. For example, if you are having trouble with squeaking brakes on your 1996 Chevrolet S-10 pickup and want to see if GM ever issued a  bulletin describing the fix for the problem then AutoBulletins.Com is your answer. After purchasing access to the system you would select Show me the Bulletins! from the main menu. You will be asked questions like make, model, year and vehicle system. Simply select your vehicle and system (in this case "Brakes, Power Brakes, Traction Control") and you will be presented with a list of bulletins pertaining to your vehicle and the selected system. If you click on one of the bulletin numbers a new window will appear with the actual service bulletin in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.
There are currently 113527 bulletins in the system

NOTICE: The information contained on AutoBulletins.Com is to be used exclusively by the subscriber in the operation of their business, and no person other than subscriber and their employees shall access the site using subscriber's password. No information from the site is to be distributed to any person other than subscriber's employees; copied for use outside the subscriber's business premises; or otherwise made available or used for any other purpose. Any subscriber who uses any information contained on the site for any unauthorized purpose or allows an unauthorized person to access the site will have its subscription revoked and will forfeit any subscription fees previously paid.

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